EggPlant provides advanced bioplastic-based solutions.

It counts on a proprietary technology to reuse wastewater to get high performance bioplastics through a 0 waste process.

In this way EggPlant faces and solves two big environmental and social problems, the wastewater disposal and the pollution coming from traditional hydrocarbons based plastics. EggPlant aims at eliminating the concept of waste (vision) with the mission to reuse waste as raw material to get smart and sustainable products (closed-cycle, biorefinery, cascading system concept).

EggPlant provides PHB (Polyhydroxybutyrate) bioplastics, a completely bio-derived and biodegradable plastic suitable for different kind of applications and industries (e.g. electronics, cosmetic, biomed, aerospace, consumer, agriculture, packaging, etc).

Besides the company has developed proprietary smart technology platforms based on its bioplastic: soft bio-composition, conductive bioplastics, high-tech electronic devices, active packaging, medical devices.

EggPlant is inspired by blue economy and biomimicry principles; it aims at contributing towards a more reasonable and balanced development model that ensures economic, social and environmental sustainability.